Thursday, 27 August 2015

5 Key Points on Global Spine Surgery Device Market seeing Double-Digit Growth

Modernization, clinical developments and economics all of these add to the growing spine surgery device market, according to a MedMarket Diligence report, "Global Market for Medical Device Technologies in Spine Surgery, 2014-2021."

Here are five key points:

1. The global device market for cervical fusion, thoracolumbar implants, MIS spine fusion, interbody fusion and orthobiologics increases in at $9.7 billion.

2. Improved knowledge of spinal biomechanics, growth in spinal instrumentation devices, advancement in bone fusion techniques, more anterior approaches to the spine and the development of minimally invasive methods and robotics have all added to the growing spine surgery device market over the last few decades.

3. Because of these progress, every segment of the spine can now be alleviated.

4. Spine fusion is leading the market as the fastest growing sector.

5. The Asia-Pacific and Central/Latin America areas are subjected to the fastest growth in spine surgery, with spine fusion growth in these areas in the double-digits.

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